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Secure Home Office Options
Secure and Reliable Access to Your Business From Anywhere.

Barracuda Secure Home Office

Secure Home Office Options

During this global crisis, organizations need to quickly shift office-based employees to working at home. IT professionals have to enable the required remote work while providing reliable and secure ways to connect home offices with enterprise applications. They are required to quickly roll out connectivity options across multiple platforms, prevent unauthorised access, enforce policies, provide multi-factor authentication and ensure always-on availability on a global level. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall with Advanced Remote Access can help.

Smart solutions for the endpoint

Barracuda Advanced Remote Access subscription provides several options to meet the multiple levels of remote connectivity requirements for secure and reliable access to corporate resources and applications:

  • Network-Access-Clients provides sophisticated VPN connectivity for Windows, macOS, and Linux with richer performance and functionality than standard IPsec client software.
  • SSL-VPN Web Portal offers remote users the option to access assigned corporate resources by visiting a specified URL and entering their network credentials. This option is well suited for occasional, on-demand access to company resources, independent of location or operating system.
  • CudaLaunch app is designed for fast roll out of remote connectivity on BYOD and mobile devices. It is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Instant availability

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The download includes all optional subscriptions, including Advanced Threat Protection, Malware Protection and Advanced Remote Access.

Rapid deployment via self-provisioning

Deploying traditional remote connectivity solutions can be complex and cumbersome. In contrast, Barracuda SSL VPN and CudaLaunch clients are self-configuring and require no additional resources, other than the URL needed to establish the connection and the company credentials. CudaLaunch is available on the corresponding app stores for Microsoft, Google (Android) and Apple (macOS and iOS)

BArracuda Secure Home Office Workflow

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