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Rackmount kits for Barracuda products

Typical features of Rackmount kit products are:

Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your Barracuda device in the kit, place the retainers, connect the supplied cables to the keystones and fix the power supply to the rack.


Rack Mount Kit for Barracuda X50, X100, X200, F18, and F80

The RM-BC-T1 is a member of the Rackmount.IT product line. This firewall kit allows you to easily mount your Barracuda appliance to your 19 inch server rack. Quick installation, front facing network connections, and a fixated power supply are a few of the great features of this product. Supports the Barracuda X50, X100, X200, F18, F80 models. This unit will take up to 1.3U, but we just call it 2U.
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