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Barracuda Networks ArchiveOne Files
Dependable File Management and Archiving

Barracuda Networks ArchiveOne

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C2C A Barracuda CompanyBarracuda ArchiveOne Files Overview:

Managing the growing demands for capacity, compliance and discovery is a challenge faced by every organization. ArchiveOne Files provides a powerful and reliable archiving and management solution that makes it easy to manage data no matter where it resides, enabling central control over files, documents and other important data.

The Barracuda Advantage

  • Single platform for capacity, compliance and discovery
  • Manage data in-place, no need to archive first
  • Enables organizations to comply with regulatory demands
  • No change to end user experience
  • No desktop software to install

Product Spotlight

  • Automated data management and disposition
  • Highly configurable to meet specific business needs
  • Granular policy-based approach gives great flexibility
  • Automatically enforces file retention & deletion policies
  • Iterative search and tagging capabilities

Information Management, Retention and Compliance Made Easy

Some of the most important information in your organization is contained in emails and documents that are often among thousands of mailboxes, network file servers and end-user devices. ArchiveOne gives you ownership and control over all of your import communication, documents and other unstructured data. ArchiveOne safely archives your emails and files, making it easy to comply with email retention policies and easy to find information no matter where it resides.

Built on a simple and flexible design, ArchiveOne gives your organization ownership and control over your data and offers a single solution for regulatory compliance, data retention and eDiscovery.

Simple and Scalable Architecture with Transparent Archiving of Files and Email

  • Integrates archiving, compliance policies, search and discovery in a single platform
  • Single search across live and archived data for files and email
  • Intuitive management console allows data to be managed by its business value
  • Scales to tens of thousands of mailboxes across multiple Exchange servers
  • Performance is improved and data backup time shortened
  • No change to the end user experience

ArchiveOne Files addresses the problems caused by ever-increasing volumes of data, and provides IT Administrators with an immediate reduction in volume of storage together with improved performance.

Using ArchiveOne Files to archive older or less relevant data is an effective way to reduce the ongoing costs of storage. Files can be stored more efficiently and searched more easily, and because the archive can be located on less expensive hardware the cost of ownership is also reduced.

Highly configurable information management policies allow IT Administrators to manage the retention and disposition of all their data, whether it is stored on file servers or in an archive, enabling them to meet both internal driven and externally mandated compliance initiatives, and ensuring business-critical information is safely protected and always accessible.

It enables organizations to meet demands for the discovery and collection of data in response to internal investigations, information requests or litigation responses. The granular search and retrieval capability it provides for both live and archived data enable them to implement a robust and comprehensive process for regulatory and legal eDiscovery.

There is no desktop software to be installed on client systems, and no end user training required. Once you have installed ArchiveOne Files on your file servers, users continue to access their files in exactly the same way, regardless of whether a file has been archived or not.

From capacity management, regulatory compliance and data retention legislation right through to eDiscovery activities, ArchiveOne Files provides a single centralized solution.

Reduce storage requirements

Reduce storage requirements

Implement capacity management based on policies to determine intelligently which files to archive. Solve the problems caused by data accumulation, and gain an immediate reduction in storage and improvement in performance without any end user disruption.

Meet compliance requirements

Meet compliance requirements

Apply granular retention and disposition policies to meet corporate strategies for information governance, with no need to archive the data first. Administrators can automate the retention and deletion of files, enabling them to demonstrate compliance with external and statutory regulations and minimize corporate risk.

Enable eDiscovery of data

Enable eDiscovery of data

Undertake search and discovery exercises to identify information needed to meet requests for internal investigations, litigation, FOIA and eDiscovery. All relevant data, whether archived or not, can be easily identified, preserved and collected.


Rules-Based Archiving of Emails and Files
Rules-Based Archiving of Emails and Files

ArchiveOne automates your organization's retention policies by letting you define which files, emails, attachments and calendar items should be archived and how long the data should be retained. Any data found in Exchange mailboxes, public folders, client PST files or network file servers can be automatically archived to any designated storage device.

You can define policies based on age, metadata, content and many other options. Your data retention criteria can be applied to files, messages and/or attachments. Alternatively, you can also archive email data via the Exchange Journal when all communications must be captured in order to meet regulatory demands.

Enforce Retention and Disposal Policies Even if Your Data is Not Archived

Enforce Retention and Disposal Policies Even if Your Data is Not Archived

With ArchiveOne, you can apply retention policies, enforce legal holds and even dispose of emails and files without first archiving the data. This is highly efficient because it leverages the resources already in place and allows for rapid growth of your data without having to first add an archiving infrastructure. Administrators can easily identify, preserve and collect relevant data for internal investigations, information requests and litigation.

Centralized Management of PST Files throughout Your Organization
Centralized Management of PST Files throughout Your Organization

ArchiveOne provides advanced capabilities to address the challenges of effectively managing PST files and the data contained within them. It will systematically discover all PST files throughout your organization wherever they reside, then automatically determine and assign an owner for each file. You can manage your PST files by copying or moving them to a central location, or you can choose to eliminate them completely by selectively migrating the data within them to ArchiveOne or Exchange. ArchiveOne then completes the process by automatically disconnecting and deleting all PST files that are no longer needed.

In-house Solution for Identification, Collection and Preservation of Email Data

In-house Solution for Identification, Collection and Preservation of Email Data

ArchiveOne provides extensive email investigation and eDiscovery/eDisclosure capabilities, enabling organizations to respond to information requests or litigations ahead of Early Case Assessment (ECA).

Its unique ability to search across live and archive data from both Exchange and Office 365, as well as PST files, provides a more comprehensive view of your data than other providers.

Expert end users such as legal counsel can take responsibility for driving the Identification, Collection & Preservation activities of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).


Capacity Management

Reduce server capacity to reduce costs and improve server operation and performance.

Discover and Preserve Data

Identify, collect and enforce legal hold on relevant data, then review and present to meet regulatory or legal eDiscovery demands.

Storage Optimization

Storage capacity is optimized by compressing data as it is archived.

Seamless End User Access

Users retain full access to data at all times, with no change to end user experience.

Compliance Management

Automatically maintain compliance by enforcing corporate data retention and deletion policies.

Policy based archiving

Implement automatic archiving and file management policies for granular control over your data.

How Does ArchiveOne Files Work?

ArchiveOne Files is a modular data management, archiving and retrieval system which is installed on file servers within your organization. It enables you to design and deploy an effective capacity management and data retention strategy to meet your individual business needs.

It is built around a distributed network of individual File Agents, with one agent deployed on each of your file servers to manage data in that location. These File Agents deliver a policy based approach for retaining, archiving and disposing of data, and you can define and use as many policies as you need in order to implement your chosen data management strategy.

Data that needs to be archived is moved automatically as required from its original location into a separate data repository. End users retain seamless access to their files even though they have been archived, and data in the archive is fully indexed to support high performance search and retrieval.

ArchiveOne Files is configured and controlled via a central management console. This provides administrators with a single view of all their data and enables them to manage all their information management polices centrally, as well as run search and discovery exercises on both live and archived data.

System Architecture:

ArchiveOne Files Data Processing Services
Central server application providing all email archive, search and retrieval operations.

ArchiveOne Files Agent
Client application installed on each file server to manage data on that server.

Supported Environments

ArchiveOne Outlook Client

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2


Download the Barracuda ArchiveOne Files Datasheet (.PDF)